CapGrow Partners - Housung solutions for service providers



Welcome to CapGrow Partners LLC. We are a Company that focuses undivided attention and resources on fulfilling our Clients’ real estate needs. We take exceptional pride in the level of service we offer each Client, and would welcome an opportunity to begin building a long-term relationship with your team.

What We Do

Simply put, we purchase existing residential homes, as well as custom build new homes, for service providers across the country. In return, the service provider leases the home directly from us. By allowing us to purchase, and own, the home, we alleviate any financial and operational stress caused by engaging in a real estate transaction.

Who We Work With

We primarily work with for-profit and not-for-profit human service organizations as well as government agencies that are in need of specialized housing and facility solutions. We also work closely with families and caregivers who are interested in exploring independent housing options.

Why It Works

A relationship with our team offers our Clients the opportunity to increase cash flow, minimize operating expenses and focus greater time and energy on continuing to improve the lives of the people they serve and love.